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Do you know what these are – benzophenone, ethyl acrylate, methyl eugenol, myrcene, pulegone, or pyridine? No? I don’t either. Following my research, I learned they are the 6 synthetic flavorings added to certain foods like cookies, ice cream, and candies (just to name a few. Yes, other foods have this shit in them)! Recently submitted to the FDA by petitioners, studies now prove that the 6 synthetic substances mentioned above caused cancer in laboratory animals when these animals consumed them in high doses. This is, yet, another example of why removing artificial flavorings from foods available to us is beneficial and vital to one’s health.

You guys! Some foods being sold to us contained chemicals that cause cancer when eaten by animals. Yes, the animals are given these chemicals in higher doses. But is it worth your health to consume them in a lower dose? I personally will not gamble with my health.

Cancer is incredibly scary, and probably a worst-case scenario for many. Remember, though, that health risks don’t stop at cancer. There are endless adverse health issues that can arise from eating foods containing chemicals, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. Those 6 synthetic chemicals mentioned earlier are only 6 of many chemicals found in processed foods.

I encourage you to practice this method when choosing foods at the grocery store. Look at the ingredient list and IF YOU CAN’T PRONOUNCE THE INGREDIENT OR YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS, FIND AN ALTERNATIVE! It will be tough at first because, unfortunately, companies now produce products the cheapest way they can. With synthetic fillers, preservatives, and chemicals to extend shelf life and add cheap flavor. Foods are full of this shit!

As you transition to this new way of food shopping, during the time-consuming search, remind yourself why you’re doing it. Remember the large manufactured food industry doesn’t care about your health. For them, it can all be traced back to money. You are your best advocate. Start now by taking care of yourself, starting with the foods you consume.

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