Whisk in wellness is a delicious and informative food blog that offers feasible ways to achieve (or help maintain) a healthy way of living for you and your loved ones. Discover whole-food recipes that are both nutritious and delicious for healthy, happy, diet-free eating, plus health-driven articles that offer valuable information, facts, and tips on topics like food, nutrition, and overall wellness.

While some recipes on Whisk in Wellness accommodate those with dietary needs (like gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan), I do not endorse any type of strict dieting, so you are in a healthy, diet-free zone.

My desire to learn about and actively pursue true health and proper nutrition was my inspiration to start this blog.

Read more about my journey below and thank you for the support!

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I am proud a proud mom of two boys, believer in God, devoted baker, creative cook, food photographer, avid reader, and nonstop “research queen.” I also devote some of my time to digital marketing, which I have become very fond of. Learning site code and discovering how to manage digital media keeps me busy, among the list of other things 🙂

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Growing up, I consistently prayed that I would become a wife and mom. I am forever grateful that my prayers have been answered.  With little humans in my life, I quickly adapted new passions to seek, analyze, and study true health.

The extensive information I learned motivated me to reevaluate the trajectory of my family’s well-being. I was shocked at how much our surroundings affects our health and longevity. Without hesitation, I gave our home and bodies a makeover, from the food we consumed to the products we used. I offer meals that support good health in both mind and body. I also replaced toxic products and plastic containers with eco-friendly products and glass containers.

These new ideologies pushed me to create a platform where I could share my recipes and recent discoveries. My blog Whisk in Wellness was then born.  The name reflects what is essential to my family and me: wholesome cooking and healthy living. Wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” As an actively pursued goal. YES! Plus, both of my sons’ favorite kitchen tool to use is a whisk, and they whisk anything they can get their little sticky, dirty, germy, adorable hands on.

Wanting to learn about true health and proper nutrition has not always been at the forefront of my mind. Before having children, my priority was to be “healthy,” according to how society depicted the term – eating foods low in sugar, carbs, and fat but high in protein. Pair that with my constant trips to the gym, I was unknowingly doing more damage than good to my mind and body.

As my family began to battle unexpected medical issues, like years of infertility followed by me getting Bell’s Palsy the day before the delivery of our 1st son, I had an epiphany. I was not going to follow mainstream advice on health and nutrition any longer.  I started to seek answers through prayer, reputable research of holistic and medicinal means, and lots of reading. What I discovered urged me to change areas in our lives that would support lifelong health and happiness. The first, and possibly the most impactful, change I made was in the kitchen.

I am thankful that my lifelong passion of being creative with food turned into a career. The beginning years of recipe-making (before kids), however, involved me making treats using processed ingredients like white flour, cane sugar, and food dye. A couple of years later, I added various types of protein powder in each recipe as a way to change the macronutrients that reflected higher protein and lower carbohydrate content. Protein Treats By Nicolette was my brand name for several years. My ignorance on health exacerbated as I counted calories excessively, planned weekly meals excessively, and worked out (you got it) excessively. I was blind and heading down the wrong path.
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When I got pregnant with Nash, I instinctively stopped consuming protein powder and artificial sweeteners. No way did I feel comfortable feeding my precious little artificial garbage while he was developing. I began to think clearly and challenge my old eating habits. I purposefully began using real ingredients to create wholesome recipes to eat without wondering, “what is this unprocessed ‘food’ doing to my growing baby?” For example, using almond flour, coconut flour, or sprouted whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose white flour and using coconut sugar, maple syrup, or honey instead of cane sugar quickly eliminates several processed ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

I am confident that the changes we made will positively impact our family’s growth. That was (and still is) a game-changing, life-altering lesson to learn. My one regret is not knowing about all of this sooner. It’s never too late, though, and using this site to share wholesome and delicious recipes puts a huge half smile (thanks, bell’s palsy) on my face.

The philosophy here on Whisk in Wellness is to share delicious recipes nutritiously made with whole-food ingredients to inspire diet-free eating, proper nutrition, and true health. I hope you love it here, and thank you for joining me.