Easy Vegan Açaí Superfood Sorbet

This cold and creamy treat requires only 10 minutes to create and is loaded with health benefits thanks to several wholesome, superfood ingredients like blueberries, açaí powder, ginger, and chia [...]

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Iced Vegan Vanilla Chia Sugar Cookies

These soft yet dense and thick sugar cookies have a pleasing vanilla flavor in both the cookie and icing, making this lightly sweetened treat perfect to enjoy with a cup of herbal tea or coffee. [...]

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Superfood Overnight Oats

An easy, satisfying, and super[food] delicious vegan breakfast dish that serves up endless health benefits from nutrient-dense ingredients like maqui powder, blueberries, and chia seeds. This [...]

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Apple Pie Truffles

These quick to make, easy to eat, and incredibly delicious truffles are the perfect gluten-free treat packed with loads of apple pie flavor. They truly taste like a perfect bite of homemade apple [...]

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