Hey! I’m Nicolette, the creator and writer behind Whisk in Wellness. I hold with pride my current life titles as a military wife, mom of two boys, believer in God, enthusiastic baker, wholesome cook, hobbyist photographer, and “research queen” chick. I have a passion for learning about food, nutrition, health, and wellness and creating recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.

Whisk in Wellness shares wholesome recipes and encourages healthy living that all support lifelong wellness. Plus, both of my sons’ favorite thing to do in the kitchen is whisk, and we do it often!

Growing up, I consistently dreamt of (& prayed for) two things: that I would be a wife and become a mom. I am forever grateful to say that my dreams have come to fruition and since then, I have unearthed a passion for discovering wholesome ways to live. Through daily prayer, nutritious foods, a thankful perspective, a healthy home, and being intentional with our time together, my family and I feel nourished in both mind and body.


My drive to understand what living in complete wellness means has not always been at the forefront of my mind. A main goal of mine prior to having children was to be “healthy”, according to what society said “healthy” was – low sugar, low carbs, low fat, high protein. I’m here to bring light on why living in this manner is more damaging than good.

In the picture to the right is my sweet family – my husband Kevin and my two boys Nash and Beck. They are the main motivation behind me researching and learning all things related to proper nutrition and healthy living. I want to provide an environment that supports sustainable ways to thrive with the end goal to live a long, happy life.

I invite you into this space to discover a renewed way of living. Learn how to create mouthwatering recipes that are also nutritious and kid-approved. See how simple it is to make household products that are non-toxic and safe for the family. Gain greater insight into living a wholesome life by reading posts on health, wellness, food, and nutrition. Look through book recommendations to discover additional resources that support healthy living along with adventurous books for a fun change of pace. And discover everything else in between that lead me to where I am today.

We as a family have had our fair share of battling unexpected medical issues over the past several years. About four years ago, right after our two-year battle with infertility followed by my Bell’s Palsy diagnosis the day before the delivery of our 1st son, I had an epiphany. I was not going to sit around mindlessly following other peoples’ advice, although some were well intended. I wanted to seek answers through both prayer and modern-day research and pave a healthy path for our subsequent years together.

Let me briefly discuss what many of you love most. The food! Some may have previously known me as Protein Treats By Nicolette. I created sweets using whey, isolate, and casein protein powder for nearly four years. Before kids, I was not super intentional with fostering a healthy mind and body. I counted calories excessively, I planned weekly meals excessively, and I worked out (you got it) excessively. I was in a mental fog of what society portrayed as being “healthy,” and I went right along with it.

Thank goodness we had children because, had we not, our view of food, fitness, and overall well-being may not have shifted for the better. I began to research and study health and nutrition, truly learning our bodies, how food and products affect our bodies, and things I could change that would positively impact our family’s growth. We now enjoy foods that help sustain overall health for our bodies and minds. That was (and still is) a game-changing, life-altering lesson to learn. My one regret is not knowing about all of this sooner.

I hope this site helps guide you to live your best life full of good health, healthy living, and yummy food. Thank you for joining me, and I hope to inspire you as I continue to whisk in wellness every single day.