about me

Hey! I’m Nicolette, the creator and writer behind Whisk in Wellness. I hold with pride my current life titles as a military wife, mom of two boys, believer in God, enthusiastic baker, wholesome cook, hobbyist photographer, and “research queen.”

Growing up, I consistently prayed for two things: that I would be a wife and become a mom. I am forever grateful to say that my prayers have been answered.  With a new family came new passions – I started to seek, analyze, and study true health and nutrition. The wealth of information I uncovered pushed me to reevaluate the way my family was living and what we put in, and on, our bodies. I was ultimately shocked at how much our surroundings (from the foods we eat to the cleaning agents, household products, and toiletries we use) affects our health, longevity, and well-being. I quickly shifted gears and began creating recipes for my family that support good health in both mind and body. I also did a complete home/product makeover, trading in toxic agents for eco-friendly, non-toxic products along with ridding our kitchen of plastic containers, all to limit our exposure to harmful chemicals.

I decided to create an entirely new website that mirrors the new ideologies that pushed me to create change in our lives. Whisk in Wellness is an outlet for me to share my passions and findings with you and your loved ones. The name reflects what is important to my family and me: cooking and a healthy way of life. Wellness is defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” Plus, both of my sons’ favorite thing to do in the kitchen is whisk, and we do it often!

The picture below is of my sweet family – my husband Kevin and my two boys Nash (who is 4) and Beck (who is 2). 

My interest in learning about true health and wellness has not always been at the forefront of my mind. Before having children, my priority was to be “healthy,” according to how society depicted the term – like consuming foods low in sugar, carbs, and fat but high in protein. Pair that with my incessant trips to the gym, I began a pattern that was more damaging than advantageous. I’m here to bring light on why this way of living is destructive to overall health.

We as a family have had our fair share of battling unexpected medical issues over the past several years. About four years ago, right after our two-year battle with infertility followed by my Bell’s Palsy diagnosis the day before the delivery of our 1st son, I had an epiphany. I was not going to mindlessly follow other peoples’ advice about health and food, although some were well intended.  I quickly began to seek answers through prayer, and research of holistic and medicinal means, to reinforce a future filled with prosperity and well-being.

Let me briefly discuss what many of you love most. The food! I have created recipes for nearly 10 years now. The beginning years of my recipe development journey focused on baking treats that utilized processed ingredients like white flour, cane sugar, and food dye. A couple of years later, I utilized protein powder in each recipe as a way to change the macronutrients that reflected higher protein and lower carbohydrate content, thus reducing the number of calories consumed. Protein Treats By Nicolette was my “brand” for several years as I used isolate, whey, and casein protein powders in my baked goods. My ignorance on health exacerbated as I counted calories excessively, planned weekly meals excessively, and worked out (you got it) excessively. I was in a mental fog of what society portrayed as being “healthy,” and I went right along with it.

With passing years, and as I began to learn what I know now, I started modifying recipes in order to offer foods to my family that fit our improved outlook on health. An accurate understanding of wellness inspired me which allowed my family to indulge in yummy foods without asking “why are we filling our bodies with unprocessed garbage?” For example, using almond flour, coconut flour, or sprouted whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour or protein powder and using coconut sugar, maple syrup, or honey instead of cane sugar quickly eliminates several processed ingredients without sacrificing flavor. I am beyond thrilled to have the ability to showcase delicious, flavorful recipes that are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Many dishes are also family-friendly (considering I now have two toddlers, creating kid-approved meals is now a ceaseless goal.)

Speaking of children, thank goodness we had kids because, had we not, our view of food, fitness, and overall well-being may not have shifted for the better. Starting a family launched my desire to learn about the body, how food and products affect the body, and things I could change that would positively impact my family’s growth. That was (and still is) a game-changing, life-altering lesson to learn. My one regret is not knowing about all of this sooner.

I invite you into this space to discover a renewed way of living. Search through endless, mouthwatering recipes that are nutritious and easy to make. Learn how simple it is to make household products that are non-toxic and safe for the family. Gain greater insight into how to sustain good health by reading posts on wellness, food, and nutrition. Look through book recommendations for additional resources that support healthy living along with others that inspire laughter, creativity, and fun. And discover everything else in between that led me to where I am today.

I hope this site helps guide you to live your best life full of good health, healthy living, and wholesome, yummy food. Thank you for joining me, and I hope to inspire you as I continue to whisk wellness into our lives!